The Danish National Travel Survey

The Danish National Travel Survey (TU) is an interview survey which serves to document the travel behaviour of the Danish population.  

Every day all year round, a number of Danish residents in the age between 10 and 84 are interviewed about their travel activities on a specific day (the day before the interview). Furthermore the interviewees are asked about their gender, age, income, education, access to transport modes and other background information. The interviewees are chosen in such a way that the results of the survey are representative of the Danish population as a whole (the 10-84 year olds that is).

In short, the objective of the survey is to answer the following five questions: 

  • How much?
  • How?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • And why do people travel?

This means that TU can answer a wide range of questions asked by decision-makers, planners, researchers and others with an interest in personal travel behaviour.

On these pages you will find a selection of results from the survey, in the form of TU results at the national level in tables and charts which illustrate key figures. Additionally you can find information about the survey, how you can gain access to the data, and links to reports, notes and fact sheets which is based on data from the survey.

Key figures from TU

2.8 trips Average number of trips/person/day
14.6 km Length of the average trip in km
40.1 km Total travel distance measured in km/person/day
54.5 min Total travel time measured in minutes/person/day
44.2 km/h Average speed of all transport measured in km/h
196.4 million km On an average day, all Danish residents in the age of 10-84 travel 196.4 million km, which corresponds to a total of 71.7 billion km every year.