Access to TU-data

TU is conducted and financed through a voluntary co-operation between a number of collaborators.

Organisations, companies and others who wish to make use of TU-data are always welcome to contact us in order to know more about options and conditions. We are available through email at or by phone to project manager Hjalmar Christiansen at +45 4525 6508.

Before doing so we encourage you to read the general guidelines below:

Being a contributor involves the following benefits:

  • Full access to official TU-datasets which are available in Access-, SAS- or SPSS-format. New datasets are released at least once a year (5-6 weeks after the turn of the year)
  • Some technical support from DTU, particularly in an introductory period  
  • Access to unique benefits (introductory course, standard reports etc.)
  • Influence on the survey through the participation in the user group
  • Analysis of data can be conducted by the contributor, by any consultant company or (for a fee) with assistance from DTU. 

The cost of membership starts at about 15,000 DKK/year (for an average-sized municipality), with a minimum term of 2 years. For interest groups, larger public authorities and others, the price of membership is determined individually. In all cases a simple contract between DTU and the new contributor is drawn up.  

Data can also be bought on an ad hoc basis:

  • This covers custom datasets for a specific purpose based on a written specification (normally via email)
  • The terms of delivery and conditions are negotiated with DTU
  • The fee covers access to data and time used to generate the dataset  
  • The cost typically ranges from about 10,000 DKK. for a relatively simple dataset - and up to 50-60,000 DKK when the datasets are complex, covering large amounts of data and requires a large amount of time to generate the dataset
  • Usually datasets are delivered as an Excel spreadsheet accompanied by a short technical explanation. Further documentation or explanations are subject to associated with an additional fee. 

Results at a general level are available free of charge: 

  • Main results, usually for Denmark as a whole, are available on this website.
  • Key figures, simple tables and graphs along with links to selected reports can also be found on the website. 
  • Or send an email to, then we will consider the request.  

Special terms for researchers, students and the press:

  • Simple custom datasets for use in research or student projects are supplied free of charge.
  • Larger projects or access to data on a detailed level are usually subject to a fee.
  • As an equivalent to this, key figures and simple datasets are supplied to the press for free.  

General terms:

  • Supplied data is intended for the use of the recipient only.
  • Thus raw data and results may not be passed on to other parties or made public on websites without DTU's prior agreement.
  • Data can be used for analysis purposes, reports etc. which are made public in printed form - including download of reports from websites etc. 
  • Use of TU-data in projects involving both TU-contributors and non-contributors must be approved by DTU
  • ”Transportvaneundersøgelsen, DTU” should always be stated as the source. In some cases DTU can request that the data-period and/or the version of the dataset used is stated as well.
  • As a main rule we request that an electronic version (or download link) of significant public reports or similar is emailed to DTU.